Standard is 3Phase 380V 50/60HZ, other is option, Maximum hot air flow, The speed of hot air blower is adjustable, Conveyor Speed, Power Supply, UPS, Exhaust Volume

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Frequently Asked Question

  1. 1what is the max size of product ?
  2. 2What is the minimum size component ?
  3. 3What is the temperature control ?
  4. 4what is the vision system ?
  5. 5what is the heating type ?
  6. 6How to operate ?
  7. 7How to setup ?
  1. 1
    what is the max size of product ?


    ENT-300: max L310* W370mm

    PRO-650: max L380* W380mm

    Master1000: max L500* W500mm

  2. 2
    What is the minimum size component ?



  3. 3
    What is the temperature control ?


    K-Type Thermocouple; Closed Loop PID

  4. 4
    what is the vision system ?


    The only SMT rework station in its price range to include true high-definition (HD) vision on par with the industry’s most advanced rework systems, it provides a crystal-clear superimposed image of the component leads and the PCB solder pads, even at 230X zoom. This is thanks to a combination of its 1.3 million pixel, split-vision CCD camera and high-brightness, independently controlled lighting for both the component and the PCB. Regardless of component pitch or size, your rework technician will have no trouble seeing when they’ve achieved perfect alignment on the system’s 15” display.

  5. 5
    what is the heating type ?


    Ithas two hot air heaters, one top and one bottom, for fully controllable desoldering and resoldering that provides solid results without shifting even the smallest components. 

  6. 6
    How to operate ?


    Our rework station is controlled through a user-friendly touchscreen. Its ergonomically designed instrument panel includes joystick control for both camera zoom and, when the system is in manual mode, vertical control of the upper heater and placement head. 

  7. 7
    How to setup ?


    The rework station’s universal board holding fixture adjusts quickly to accommodate virtually any PC or LED board.