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Here are some infomation about the SMT products and PCB related products. Besides, more latest news about the SMT industries and trend development can also be found.

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Master-1000 BGA Rework Station Training Report
Aug / 2018

Training place: Malaysia

Training time: 2018.8.15-8.17

Participants: Customer from Malaysia

Lecturer: Roy (1 Click SMT)

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    winning Global Technology Award in selective soldering machine category
    Sept / 2020

    1 Click SMT Technology Co., ltd. announced today that it received a 2020 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Selective Soldering for its Flex-i2 Compact Inline Hybrid Selective Soldering Machine. The award was announced during a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020.

    The Flex-i2 can equip two fluxer valves, either two of the same valve or two different valves. For example, two drop jet valves, this enables customers to double their production. Or one drop jet valve and one micro-spray valve, this enables machine for using with two different flux without swapping time.

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