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High Precision, Vision Alignment Rework Station.

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1Clicksmt BGA Rework Staiton Advantage

Each member of the Epeius series BGA rework stations is an essential tool for BGA rework. Their different configurations can meet the needs of different customer groups; their accurate optical positioning system ensure that component pins are in alignment with the welding pads. Three temperature zones are independently controlled in a fully programmable way. Its K-type thermocouple input ensures accurate thermal analysis.

Recommended BGA Rework Staiton

Master-1000 BGA Rework Station


Master-1000 loaded with features that make it the industry’s most reliable and affordable solution for the widest range of SMT repairs. Safe Removal, High-Precision Placement, and Perfect Soldering for Any SMD Repair Applications.

  • High-definition optical alignment system(1080p).
  • Automatic / Joystick control X- and Y-axis optics positioning.
  • Automatic / Joystick control Z-axis for removal, placement, soldering.
  • Micrometer-adjust X-, Y-, and Ø-axis lead-to-pad alignment.
  • Four thermocouple inputs.
  • 415*360mm IR Bottom heater.

BGA Chip Rework

  • BGA Chip Rework
  • BGA specification send us your parts sample.